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Anglais: présentation de mon travail et l'entreprise

Dissertation : Anglais: présentation de mon travail et l'entreprise. Recherche parmi 257 000+ dissertations

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My name is, I am completing a course to take Higher National Diploma

I work in a company called “Les Nouveaux Constructeurs” to perform my training period

Les Nouveaux Constructeurs is a property developer. I started working with this company in August 2010. Further to a curriculum vitae which I sent them, the company called me to I have an interview. Two days later they contacted me again to announce me that my application had been held.

For my first day my tutor as well as the other employees invited me to the restaurant to get acquainted better and facilitate my integration with in the company.


My company is called “Les Nouveaux Construteurs”.

The head office is located in Paris.

The company was founded by Olivier Mitterand in 1972.

The company is a public limited company with a capital of 14 532 169 euros.

This company contains 5 program units in France one in Germany and the other one in Spain

These main competitors are Bouygues Immobilier and Vinci as well as everything the other founders property developer.

“Les Nouveaux Constructeurs” have for objective to make of the quality a priority in the service of the customers, to propose housing favoring the decrease of energy consumption.

Its annual turnover is nearly 24 858 K euros.

The group accounts fet approximately 200 employee, within my program units they are 25 employees.

In my service which is the accounting department there is a person in charge administrative and accounting Edith BRAVIN, the control management Nuh GIRISIT and an assistant of management Gerard RICARD as well as me.


I have my own office which I share with the person in charge of the service. I maintain good relations with the colleagues of my service.

My schedules are as follows: 8:30 am to 12:30 am then 1:30 pm at 5:30 pm except Friday I end at 4:30 pm.

Every month I carry out different tasks: the invoicing of every promoter developer program then I make VAT

The main customers of the company are individuals, investors as well as some associations (OPCA…)


When I am in the company I am in charge of:

• Building the planning for employees to go to our customers

• Screening telephone calls, sending faxes, mails

• Contacting customers and employees

• Visiting customers to see if they are happy of the work we do

• Organizing and attending meetings

And I learn:

• How


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