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Alice au pays des merveilles: absurdité et non sens (document en anglais)

Compte Rendu : Alice au pays des merveilles: absurdité et non sens (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 273 000+ dissertations

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At first, I will say that absurdity and nonsense are present anywhere in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

From the beginning, the heroin meeting animals who acts like humans. They talk, they wear clothes and lives in real houses. There is also imaginary animals in this book, like Griffon and a Mock Turtle or characters who are cards. The situations and the conversations with them are absurd too. For example, the nonsense in their conversation is present during the seventh chapter, when the Hatter explain how he repairs his watch (with butter). But also when the Queen's gardeners say to Alice that they paint the white roses in red. In general, absurdity is present in all the conversations (with the Caterpillar; the Duchess; etc...). Alice also questioned always herself for stupid things. As when, during her fall in the first chapter, she thinks about her pussy and ask herself if she would eat bats in the airs or when she asks if she has not turned into one of her friends. They is also objects that appear and disappear, like bottles and cakes in the first chapters or the doors at the end of the seventh and the frequent change of size of Alice.

Lewis Carroll easily plays with the words, visually and in his writing. Visually because sometime, he illustrates is words in his layout. As when the mouse tell her story, in the third chapter, the words take the form of a mouse tail. At this page of the book, there is also a word play between the long TAIL of the mouse and the long TALE that the mouse has starting to tell. Lewis Carroll plays with the consonance of the words. As when Alice fall in the rabbit hole, she think "Do cats eat cats? Do bats eat cats?". They is also a lot of misunderstanding between Alice and the other characters. For example at the eleventh chapter, during the process, the Hatter says "It began with the tea" and the King understands "T" for "twinkled". He also invented words like "Uglification".

In the book, there a lot of parody of famous poems and songs from the time.


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