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Lele: relationship, meeting with other

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Hello, today i will present to you my group of two texts to deal with the theme "Meeting with the other, love, friendship".

The two excerpts that I will present to you are two literary works of the Brontë sisters. In the first place we have an excerpt from Wuthering Heights, chapter X, Emily Brontë's only novel, was published in 1847 under the pseudonym "Ellis Bell". A story of love and vengeance in a wild landscape of England: Mr. Earnshaw, father of Hindley and Catherine, adopts Heathcliff who falls in love with Catherine while a rivalry is established between him and Hindley...

However, the success of Wuthering Heights was frequently underestimated due to the dazzling success of Jane Eyre, written by Emily's sister Charlotte Brontë, and published in the same year.

How is love portrayed in the works of Sister Brontë?

We will first study the theme of Love in the works of the Brontë sisters. Is it similar where it is opposed?

The love between Katherine and Heatchliff is an unusual love. As a diabolical thing, because they are kept under his power by a diabolical force, which does not make them happy, on the other hand. They are soulmates, so there seems to be a very rare and powerful love that brings them together, but the rules of society separate them. We could also talk about the rules of society in the case of the two books. The company that makes a lot of mistakes.

Unlike Emily Charlotte Brontë treats the theme of love very delicately. It shows how love should be based on mutual respect, mutual need and mutual recognition of weaknesses. She does not idealize heroin as Emily Brontë, she sees her as a fearless character, without shame, passion and determined to recognize her rights. Jane retains her dignity and her she is not ready to give all her love to Mr. Rochester if his demands offended that dignity as a woman that is why Jane refuses to become the mistress of Edward Rochester when she learns that he is still bound to His first wife who is Bertha Mason, "The mad Woman".

Néanmoins, ces deux extraits renferment des similitudes tandis que tout semble opposé ces deux œuvres en ce qui concerne le thème de l’amour.

However although she theme of love is not the same for each of the two works, the impossibility of Happy Love is one of the main common points of the two excerpts. Indeed, in the excerpt from the work of Emily Brontë, six months after Catherine's marriage, Heathcliff's soul-mate, returns to Wuthering Heights under a whole other day, Heathcliff became a polite, courteous, and physically impressive man, though a suspicion of savagery remained in his eyes. When he comes inside, Catherine becomes almost stunned with happiness in her sight, and their obvious affection for each other makes Edgar uncomfortable and jealous. Their love is evident he loves each other but the impossibility of their happiness translates into the fact that Catherine is now bound to another man whom she loves, despite the radical change of Heathcliff he remains and will always remain the little boy Savage that Mr. Earnshaw brought back to his home and thus, in addition to Catherine's marriage, their respective


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