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William Shakespeare's Biography

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LANTERNIER                            Shakespeare
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William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564 in Stratford upon Avon. He was the third child of John Shakespeare, a peasant who became a notable, and Mary Arden. His father decided to leave their hometown to settle in London, Shakespeare learned at school English and Latin but he never went to university. In 1582, at eighteen years old, he married the daughter of a farmer, Anne Hathaway, eight years older, and he had three children with her, Suzanna, and the twins Hamnet (a boy who died at 11 years old) and Judith.

        In 1592 he had to leave the capital, where he was already beginning to be well known thanks to the representations of Henry VI, for an epidemic of plague was declared, leading to the closure of theaters.
The money reported by poems such as
Venus and Adonis or the Viol de Lucrece dedicated to the Earl of Southampton allows Shakespeare to purchase in 1594, the year of the reopening of the theaters, a share in the company of actors of the lord chamberlain. The troupe was created and will become in 1603 the most famous of London. But the Lord Chamberlain's troop needed his own theater.
After a dispute between the proprietor of the Theater and the actors who had it built, the Theater was dismantled and transported to the south of the Thames. Its wood will be used for the construction of the Globe, of which William Shakespeare is one of the shareholders.
The Globe is a circular theater and the scene is in the middle. The Globe means The Earth. Its 3 floors are made entirely of wood and can accommodate 3000 people. The roof is covered with straw with a hole in the middle to illuminate the scene. The plays were not played at night and if it was raining, the play continued.
In 1613, The Globe burnt down but in 1996, the globe was reconstructed identically. It was thanks to the American actor Sam Wanamaker who paid the expenses.
Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616.

William Shakespeare was one of the greatest playwright of all times. He was a genius who never been surpass. He had the power to transform people’s life.


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