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Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio was born November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles, California. Leonardo is a well-known actor who has starred in hit movies such as: Titanic, The Great Gatsby, Shutter Island, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and Inception. Leonardo DiCaprio is a world renowned actor who is also known for his work with the environment. DiCaprio has become a great movie icon through his persistence and ability to care.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a very caring person and likes to put important world issues in front of his own. He has put a lot of his own money into charities but is most well known for his work with the environment. According to the wikipedia page, Leonardo DiCaprio has spent millions of dollars on charities, relief efforts, and wildlife conservation societies, this shows that Leonardo is caring because he takes his own hard earned money and gives it back to the world to help save it. In an interview with DiCaprio also included in the wikipedia page, he emphasizes “global warming is the number one environmental challenge ” showing us that he truly cares about the environment and wants to stop it from becoming a wasteland (“Leonardo”). DiCaprio is so involved that he only drives electronic or hybrid cars and only flies on commercial flights(“Leonardo”). DiCaprio is definitely a caring person.

Though DiCaprio spends most of his time caring for the environment and the less fortunate, he tries to work on his persistence and move up in the world. For DiCaprio, being a well known actor is not enough, he wants to be known worldwide and to achieve the greatest movie awards possible. Though DiCaprio has not yet received an oscar for his world known movies, he has been nominated multiple times and has received the golden globe award for his role in the movie J. Edgar, showing that he is working really hard to get awards for his work, making his persistence known( “Biography: Leonardo” ). DiCaprio also started his own production company called Appian Way Productions (“Leonardo”). Although DiCaprio is so world renowned now, It was not always this way but through his persistence he has managed to become a great actor who still has a long way to go.

DiCaprio is a very successful person and is still very young, so he will continue to make movies and continue to help people in need. DiCaprio can easily be described as caring and persistent, for these are his greatest character traits and will continue to be forever.

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