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Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is an American film director, screenwriter, producer and buisness magnate. His movies covered many themes and genres and Spielberg's science-fiction and adventures films is become the archetypes of modern Hollywood blockbuster filmmaking.


Steven Spielberg is born in Cincinnati (Ohio) the 18 december 1946 in a Jewish family. He have 3 sisters. He live in New Jersey and in Arizona. He was a bad student and he can't choose the film school he want and tht's why he go to the of Acardia in Phoenix.

At 12 years old he make his first movie, The Last Gun, a Western. The movie make 4 minutes. He make 3 others film and in 1964 et make a short film, Amberlin, that won several price. With this short movie he signed a contract with the télévision studios Universal.

Bold Debut

At Universal, Spielberg noted for his technical skills and earn a reputation. His first biggest succes is a telefilm, Duel. He make that movie with a limited budget and just 12 days. Spielberg win the International Fantastic Film Festival in Avoriaz. His success on television is such that the film comes in a long version in theaters in 1973.

In 1974 in make his first feature film, Sugarland Express awarded the Best Screenplay Award at Cannes but the movie is a dismal failure beacause Universal refused to promote the movie. This film also marks the beginning of a unique collaboration in the history of cinema: John Williams sign the first of his 22 compositions for a film by Steven Spielberg.

First global success

Some then considered the director's career over, but the chance otherwise. On the desktop of its producers Sugarland Express, he is intrigued by a manuscript with the title Jaws, adapted from a novel by Peter Benchley in which a giant shark terrorizing a small coastal city in the United States. Once home, he "eats" the book and decided to make the film adaptation.

Together with lesser known actors (Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss, Roy Scheider), filming can begin. A laborious turning one hundred to fifty-five days. One of the three mechanical sharks do not always work very well.

and the vagaries of the weather and the ocean does not help matters. Part of actors and technicians is discouraged until Spielberg himself, whose fear of the water turns into a real phobia. But Jaws doing all the same room and, against all odds, the film is a success far exceeding the most optimistic forecasts studios. In fact, for the first time, a film revenues exceed one hundred million dollars to finally reach the two hundred and sixty million.

With this success, Spielberg embarked on another major project, he dreams of achieving long: a peaceful alien landing on Earth history to meet the man. Scientifically, such a contact is called "encounter of the third kind", an expression which gave its name to the film released in 1977, in which François Truffaut plays which Spielberg is an avid admirer. Riding the wave of Star Wars, the work is a commercial success, the public thronging to see this new science fiction movie.

The Spielberg era.

In the 80s Spielberg and Lucashad the idea to create their own character, the hero of a saga, mixing incredible adventures and colorful characters: Indiana Jones was born. The primary mission of the hero is to find the Ark of the Covenant coveted by the Nazis. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) was a huge success.

Spielberg's next film, which now enjoys an international reputation, is presented in closing the Cannes Film Festival 1982 The Extra-Terrestrial, Dee Wallace, Drew Barrymore and Henry Thomas. The history of this little alien, biologist, came from a benevolent planet moves millions of viewers. With this film, Spielberg breaks the record of the best American recipes . This success also allows him to create, with Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall, his own studio: Amblin Entertainment.

It occurs in parallel Poltergeist, fantasy horror movie directed by Tobe Hooper who achieved international fame and is still considered today to time, as one of the classic horror movies of recent decades film.


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