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Abraham Lincoln (document en anglais).

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I'm going to speak about Abraham Lincoln.

I- Who is Abraham Lincoln ?

Abraham Lincoln was born on february, 12th 1809 in Kentucky. He was grows in a modest farmer's family, very religious. He had a sister and a litle brother who died very young.

Abraham Lincoln practised various jobs during his youth, but finaly he became a lawyer. Abraham Lincoln was very interested in the cause of blacks, that's why he opposed to the compromise of Kansas-Nebraska against Stefen Douglas, but he lost. However, he was elected presitdent of USA in 1860 : It what explain the Civil war which began in 1861 and finished in 1865. This war set the nouthern states against the southern states. Fortunately, it's states which used to be against slavery which won. In 1863, he proclaimed the abolition of slavery.

In 1864, Abraham Lincoln was reelected president and he always fighting for the peace in his country. He is assassinated in 1865.

II- My opinion about him

As for as I am concerned, I find Abraham Lincoln is a great man. He did a lot of think in his life and I can't help thinking that if he wouldn't have fought against slavery, nobody would have the courage to do it. He led a noble struggle, and I think it must have been really harsh. His Fighting for freedom must have been so difficult, but he won, he managed to make of his country a country where everyone is free and is treat equally. That make me think that even in a desesperate situation, it's possible to be hopeful.

No wonder that big directors like Steven Spielberg or Tim Burton is inspired of this character for their movies.


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