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13 façons de regarder une femme (document en anglais).

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Exercise 1: Thirteen Ways of Looking

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Woman


A woman was madee from a man's rib

She is a creation of God

She was created by the hands of God

Andshe is very hard to decrypt


A woman may not be as strong as a man

She is surely his right hand

A woman has the ability to support

Us and also to give us comfort


Nine months of pregnancy is what my mother had to endure

In order to give birth to my brother

Her body metamorphosed completely

As she carried a inner beauty


I wish I was married to Angelina Jolie

To a femme fatale as Iggy Azalea

To a woman with natural beauty

And not obssed with dolce and gabbana


Whether a woman is a perfect housewife

Or a luxurious prostitue perverted

She should always be respected

It's her choices, and certainly her life


Through a woman eyes I see pain

Fear engraved in her brain

As a blood stain

An a white t-shirt, that forever remains


Except from our genital sex and body shape

Woman and man are alike, and shoud be equal

There's no need to debate

On something which is moral


Her sensual curves and her charm

Could easily corrupt a man

Such behavior is caused by lust

And sometimes simply by thirst


As I had a ruff day, I was filled with bitter

Until I had a glimpse of one of her picture


They want to separate us

It's the world against us

Please ignore the rumors

They need the eye of horus

To see beyond

To see this perfect bond


Curves like an African woman



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