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Exposé de la série Mon amie Adèle en Anglais

Synthèse : Exposé de la série Mon amie Adèle en Anglais. Recherche parmi 260 000+ dissertations

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_The series I'm going to talk about is a British mini-series. So it has only one season. This is a six-episode

thriller of 60 minutes. A series is inspired by a novel by Sarah Pinborough.

The plot is around 4 characters. Louise (main character), David, Adele and Robert.

This is the story of a single mother Louise who is having an affair with her boss David.She meets by chance

Adele David's wife and becomes friends with her without him knowing. Adele looks mysterious, but one

might think that it is this psychological history that creates doubt. Adele and David's relationship is

strained. Louise wonders about the two characters.

We later learn that a friend (Robert) of Adele is dead or missing. Louise will discover new strange facts

throughout and investigate these characters and Robert's disappearance.

In the series, a supernatural atmosphere is present by the astral projection ability held by certain characters

that allows to project his mind outside his body to go to places already visited.

_I like this series for its mysterious side and the suspense it sets. Each episode is important, because we

discover in each of them facts that turn the situation around. The paranormal atmosphere is pleasant, but

not abusive, it adds a plus to the series that might seem boring without this "power".

_The series may seem simplistic, but I can assure you, that every viewer will be satisfied with it. The miniseries format captures a whole attention. From the first episode, the plot will question you and you would

like to know the ending which is extremely surprising.

My Friend Adele is so good that viewers have already imagined several theories about the end hoping for a

sequel to the series. A season 2 is therefore likely.

Hurry to watch this series!


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