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"Commemorative tattoo" photography (document anglais)

Dissertation : "Commemorative tattoo" photography (document anglais). Recherche parmi 289 000+ dissertations

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Describe the document :

The document is a photography in colour entitled «  Commemorative tattoo ». In the background we have a piece of the American Flag with five white stars and red and white stripes, the American Flag is in vertical.

In the foreground we can see a firefighter with the helmet on which the number three and 12695 is written. The man is stripped to the waist and on his back.

He has an impressive tattoo on his back : the Twin Towers, the North Tower had been hit by an airplane, the South Tower had been smashed and it collapsed. The buildings are on fire and are fuming. The background of his tattoo is blue.

We have the hand of the Statue of Liberty, in the torch we can notice a fire and above his we have a white banner with the names of the fire departement : Angel, Mike Mullan, Steve Belson, Phil P, Orio Parlmer and «  All Gave Some, Some Gave All ».

At the bottom of the South Tower we have another building on fire it's the 7 World Trade Center.

On his neck we have two angels one on the left and the other on the right side.

Comment the document :

The picture has a strong nationalist character. The man maybe considered as a fireman shows bravery, his tatto referes to the 9/11. Through this tattoo it is clear that attack had marked the American's mind which pushed some to get tattos and other to fight against terrorism attack. This tatto is macabre, it's not an outlet but a way not to forget, never to forgive what they had gone through. The fact that it's a fireman who is on the photography reminds us that many fireman died during the attacks of the 9/11 even through they had searched the rubble ans risked their lives to save innocent people. This tatto is in memory sof the partners of the fire brigade who died, but also a very strong patriotic sacrifice emphasised by the American flag. We can think that fireman had tattoo on his body to pay a tribute to the victims and not to forget tha events of th 9 /11.

This tatto can't be removed, it stays forever on your body.


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