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Un exemple d'un mythe de héros

Commentaire de texte : Un exemple d'un mythe de héros. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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By definition, a myth is an explanatory narrative and founder of a social practice. It is originally carried by oral tradition. The myth is a fabulous story that can contain a moral. Finally, a myth often involves several wonderful characters such as gods, animals, scholars, angels and demons, and the existence of other worlds. Then, according to the dictionary, a hero is a demigod and he stands out by his actions and shows great courage. A hero can be the main character in a story (movie, theater, books ...). Of this fact and the documents discussed in class, we may ask under there are constantly new myth and new hero? At first, we will give an example of a hero of myth and see that a person can be both

II)Martin Luther King a real hero...

The real world is made up of several "heroes", they may be war heroes, saviors of humanity ... In this case we'll look at a man who saved an entire community from segregation slavery, Martin Luther King : For a dozen years, Martin Luther King fought against racial segregation. It was made ​​known to Montgomery ( Alabama) by organizing a boycott of the bus company in the city , guilty of tolerating segregation in its vehicles. His civil rights movement had triumphed in applying the principles of non- violence advocated by Gandhi. August 28, 1963 , during a march on Washington , Martin Luther King delivered his most famous speech before 250,000 supporters : " I ​​have a dream ..." The following year , President Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act ending all forms of discrimination in the presence of Martin Luther King.It will be the victim of an assassination in Memphis in 1968 at the age of 39 years. Martin Luther King is a hero, because he has changed the lives of millions of people and is remembered after his death as he opened his eyes to a whole generation on the evils of segregation. Non- violent activist for civil rights for blacks, Martin Luther King played a major role in the emancipation of African-Americans and awareness of the injustice of segregation in the United States.

III) marilyn monroe both a myth and a hero

To conclude, we can say that a hero or a myth, even if it is fictional, real, or if it established spectacular things, contribute to the admiration of the people who attribute their interest. This is a good way to entertain than to identify with certain characters or visit certain places. Now the question is to know is that everyone can become a hero?


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