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Alvaro Siza (document en anglais)

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The design centres on the restoration, renovation, and extension of an agricultural complex, partially designed for housing and art gallery at present, whilst maintaining its agricultural activity. The articulation and the features of the three existing volumes around a yard were the guiding principle for the solution adopted. A second yard is defined and limited by one of the existing bodies and by a new L-shaped building, thus creating a more private ambience.

The house and the old stables were built of masonry in bricks and the roof was covered with tiles. The new constructions are differentiated by the materials used and the careful attention paid to detail.

The exterior walls are covered in cedar wood and the roofing in lead. The adequately-dimensioned frames establish a relationship with the landscape whilst controlling lighting inside. At the “L” angle, a cantilevered-beam volume involves an opening which provides a particular framework for Oudenburg’s Polders.

The art gallery is housed in one of the rehabilitated buildings, whose external expression is maintained whilst the interior is rebuilt so as to satisfy specific needs, especially those of light and space layout.

Specially designed for a household whose members have lived and worked in this estate for many years, the design aims to meet the needs and perspectives of a new generation.


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