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Intelligence artificielle

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Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is about imitating human intelligence using computer processes.

In 2016, a computer program dubbed alphago beat chess champion Lee Sedol at the games of go by winning 4 in 5 rounds. This game is so complex that we don’t think a computer capable of playing it as well as a human. Some see it as a new proof that artificial intelligence has caught up with seeing beyond human intelligence.

The idea of ​​a machine capable to think is born in the 20th century in novels and science-films. In some stories they end up becoming too intelligent and rebel. This is the case of the Hal 9000 computer. In the movie "2001, Space Odyssey", Hal 9000 is a perfect artificial intelligence except that it feels emotions and eventually surpasses humans.

The IA can not learn alone or decide to take an interest in something else because they are not aware of themselves. Some experts believe, however, that the true I.A. will appear in this century. Scientists are asking that this technology be strictly controlled to prevent the predictions of science fiction from being realized one day.

The AI ​​has several advantages:

- Robots are an advantage for older characters because they allow to do their homework tasks like Roomba. Moreover, they haven’t physical constraints: they don’t need rest or food and don’t get sick.

- Today there are already vehicles that can move alone with cameras and sensors who are an advantage for the disabled and the blind. In Clermont-Ferrand, researchers have developed the prototype of an autonomous vehicle.

- In the space field, robots and AI are widely used : they are sent instead of men because of pressures or temperatures too high or too low. Mars was once conducive to life and thanks to AI, researchers might realize with certainty that life is possible elsewhere than on Earth. Without these robots it would be impossible for humans to study what is happening in space.

- The development of prostheses allows people who have lost the use of a member to return to a normal life. Otherwise, patient robots allow medical students to train on them without risk, but these robots are expensive to manufacture that is why not all schools can equip them.

Artificial intelligence also has several disadvantages:

- What limits research in AI is their high prices. To make robots capable of being autonomous in the Space costs a lost, which limits the progress of research for the moment. In addition, these robots are increasingly taking the place of human employees, who are then dismissed. Artificial intelligence is a source of unemployment in USA where robots are favored by humans in hospitals.

- Loss of social ties: "Saya" is a japanese teacher in a primary school but Saya hasn’t feelings and doesn’t have the ability to communicate as a human and children of this age need to communicate, to share, to be surrounded and supported by a human person who has feelings. So AI can’t help the good moral and social development of children.


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