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Présentation orale sur l'Afrique du Sud

Discours : Présentation orale sur l'Afrique du Sud. Recherche parmi 236 000+ dissertations

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Today I will present you South Africa.

First avail I will tell you about its location, climate and culture.

In a second point, I will talk about apartheid because it is a very important period for this country.

First at all, I would like to say that South Africa (officially the Republic of South Africa) is the most southern country in Africa.

Southern Africa stretching along the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans; on the north by the neighbouring countries of Namibia, Zimbabwe; and on the east by Mozambique and Swaziland; and surrounds the kingdom of Lesotho. The interior of South Africa consists of a vast, in most places almost flat.

South Africa has a generally temperate climate, due in part to being surrounded by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans on three sides.

What’s more, the extreme southwest has a climate remarkably similar to the Mediterranean with wet winters and hot dry summers.

South Africa has lost a large area of natural habitat in the last four decades, primarily due to overpopulation, sprawling development patterns and deforestation during the 19th century.

The remaining population consists of Africa's largest communities of European, Asian , and multiracial ancestry encompassing a wide variety of cultures, languages, and religions. For example there are between 200 and 2 000 different languages according to the distinction between languages and dialects. There is also Religion in Africa has multiple components; it has had a major influence on art, culture and philosophy. South Africa is the continent's first economic power. The multicultural society is advancing, especially on the arts and creative side.

I’d like to add that the South Africa to 56 million people, is the world's 24th-most populous nation.

South Africa is often referred to as the "rainbow nation" to describe the country's multicultural diversity. The flag of South Africa also represents this great culture The blue represents the sky; The green, the African land; The white, the native Europeans; Black, black population; The yellow, the gold wealth of the country; Red, blood shed during internal conflicts. The inverted "Y" symbolizes the union of all these components.

Located in the extreme south and a true economic lung of the continent, this nation is distinguished from other African nations by the cohabitation of the black and white populations. This cohabitation was not easy because of Apartheid.

Now I will talk about Apartheid.

The years of apartheid are undoubtedly one of the darkest moments in South Africa’s history. The period which spanned from 1948 to 1994 was characterized by racial segregation, white minority rule and the oppression of the rights, movements, and freedom of the blacks. By the way the word ‘apartheid’ literally means ‘the state of being apart’ or ‘separateness’. The blacks were separated from the others, they did not have the same education, the same schools and the same rights.


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