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War Films and history

Cours : War Films and history. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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Do you think that cinema is a good way to learn about history ?

        In my opinion, the cinema is an efficient way to learn about history, as long as we don't exclusively rely on it. It is well-known that some historical films aren't always accurate. For example, some films, mostly war films, are not objectives about some events. Clearly, some American war films traditionally depict the enemies as the bad guys. They don't want to willingly accept and diffuse the fact that sometimes they are the ones to blame. Furthermore, historical films can occasionally be about propaganda. For example, the film Red Dawn reinforces the idea that being patriotic is enough to stop the Soviet Army. Indeed, this film is very unrealistic and uses propaganda against the USSR. But, on the contrary, we have anti-war films like Apocalypse Now or Full Metal Jacket.
        However, I believe historical films are a good way to learn about history. It can't be denied that students are more excited to watch a film about than to listen to a teacher. Moreover, films allow us to access knowledge easily. I would rather watch a film than read a historical book. For example, I’ve seen the film The Imitation Game, which is about the Enigma machine used to decode the messages of the Nazis. Well, I would 've never read the book by Alan Turing, even if I’m sure is very interesting. Likewise, films help us feel more sympathetic towards victims. For example, if we study the atrocities of war, it's even more shocking if we see a visual representation. The visual and auditory effects of a film will probably make us feel more emotional, sympathetic or shocked. Also, If we talk about biopic films, I think they are very interesting. These films are a biography of a celebrity, an artist, a politician… We can learn a lot about a famous individual by watching a biopic. If we take the film 8 mile, for example, it’s a story based on Eminem’s life. We learn about his struggles with his mother, with music and everything he had to do to be where he is now.

        To sum things up, cinema is a good way to learn about history, even if we have to be careful about the accuracy of some facts.


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