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The last of the Mohicans questions

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Did you like the film? Which scene(s) in particular? (15-20 lines min)

I really liked the film because it shows us all the dimensions of our past and the war between the French and the English with the conflicts with the Indian tribes in the mid-eighteenth century. We can see the struggles between the enemy camps, the behaviours adopted, the thirst for life, the sacrifices, the war, the hatred, the love, and the desire for freedom. All these aspects of our past made me think of our present world where all of these behaviours persist in our society. In the end, I especially liked to see Nathaniel's determination to save the life of his beloved, Cora. 

One of the scenes I particularly liked is the last part of the film. When Duncan, Cora and Alice are brought to the Huron tribe as prisoners, the great chief of the tribe decides to marry Alice to Magua and burn Cora to revenge his family. It is then that Nathaniel arrives calling himself "Long Rifle" and asks the great chief that in exchange for his life, the release of the prisoners. But Duncan, being aware of Cora's feelings towards Nathaniel, insists on taking Cora's place. The chief accepts and burns Duncan alive while Cora and Nathaniel are released and try to save Alice, still a prisoner of Magua. But a friend of Nathaniel and son of Chingachgook, Uncas, having also fallen madly in love with Alice, tries to save her from Magua's hands by ambushing him. Unfortunately, Uncas dies from the hands of Magua who throws him off the cliff. Alice doesn't know what to do when she sees that her lover has been killed, and she decides to jump off the cliff and kills herself. At that moment, Nathaniel and Cora, accompanied by Chingachgook, chief of the Mohicans, choose to kill Magua and his troupes. The three characters are left alone with Chingachgook, being the last of the Mohicans. 

To sum up, I really liked this scene where all the characters try at the risk of their lives to save their loved ones, their determination is unfailing. Moreover, the last scene, where the last three characters meet at the top of the cliff is breathtaking, they are mourning the loss of Uncas and Alice, and especially their painful and past memories.


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