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Test de connaissances ANGLAIS

Cours : Test de connaissances ANGLAIS. Recherche parmi 294 000+ dissertations

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Test de connaissances ANGLAIS


PRENOM : Méline SECTION : COMB DATE : 12/11/20


Choose the correct answer

1 - We travelled to Paris BY train. on voyage avec le train in

on by over

3 - Tom is only six but he CAN already read very well. must = obligation

should = conseil

can = capacité physique ou morale may

  1. - WHOSE car is that green one there? Who’s


Whose = A QUI Which = LAQUELLE

  1. - I’d RATHER play football than watch it. more

rather faster better

I'd + would = conditionnel To + er = aimer Infinitif

  1. - Is that sweater YOURS ? your = TON pull

yours = LE tien you


  1. - You OUGHT to listen carefully to your teacher.

should ought had better must

car les autres s'accompagnent toujours de TO

13 - Would you like a SANDWICH with your apple? bread


sandwich car Indénombrable


21 - I don’t have ENOUGH money to buy a new computer. very much

enough assez ( pas assez en l'occurrence ) too much


25 - My mother did a degree in English after LEAVING school. left

leaving car après un verbe d'état ou une preposition Il y a un gérondif to leave

has left

28 - My brother is going to be AN engineer. a

an = Il y a une voyelle derrière donc le "a" se transforme en "an"

- -


  1. - My brother wants TO BECOME an actor. becoming


to become car deux verbes se suivent dpnc le second est à l'Infinitif for becoming

  1. - I DON'T AGREE with you.

am not agree

don’t agree car c'est une négation ( sujet+auxiliaire+negation+verbe+complément) am not agreeing

don’t to agree


Choose the correct answer

  1. - We’re going back home the day after TOMORROW . tomorrow

today yesterday tonight

  1. - We must WATCH the football match on TV this evening. watch

look see listen

  1. - I stopped gardening when the rain started. I didn’t want to get WET . warm

windy dry wet

  1. - Can you help me CHOOSE a new dress for the party? try

choose decide look

  1. - Come to my desk and ?? me your book, please.

get bring carry take

  1. - We had a very good football GAME last night. game

kick time play

  1. - I bought some milk at the little shop on the CORNER OF OUR STREET . traffic lights

bus stop

corner of our street end of the road

  1. - They were all ANGRY so they went to a restaurant. angry

thirsty hungry fat

citez les 3 cas de gerondif

On utilise le gérondif quand :

  • comme sujet du verbe
  • comme complément du verbe
  • après une préposition

quel est la terminaison du participe present ING ( eating, talking…)

donner les 2 cas de future en Anglais

quelles les similarite du preterit et du present simple? Ou se place lʻ adverbe? Comment le reconnait on?


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