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Teste Anglais

Mémoire : Teste Anglais. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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a) Blood Good Book Took

b) Tree Key Hit Treat

c) Love Sun Enough Go

d) Look Food True Shoe

e) Head Fed Steak Bell

1. First: Traditionally

Second: Religion, Traditional, Electric

Third: Electricity


1. Such a beautiful car !

2. She was so intelligent woman!

3. So surprising!

4. Peter is so clever!

5. How nice this girl is!

6. The twins are such lovely guys!

7. An expensive clothes!

8. An interesting book!

9. How bored I was!

10. The Johnons were so wealthy!


1. How is a Jenny’s dog?

2. Who came yesterday afternoon?

3. Where does Julia go the next summer?

4. At what time they did call us?

5. Why does she swim a lot?

6. How long did Jim live in Paris?

7. How old is Peter?

8. How tall did they tall?

9. How long is the Grand Canyon?

10. How much did you pay for your new car?


1. went

2. learnt

3. Is talking

4. Invited

5. swimming

6. running- fell

7. Lost

8. didn’t come

9. didn’t read


1. Any

2. Some

3. some

4. any

5. no


1. He always go to school by bus

2.Greg and Jennifer will never agree to meat

3.I often listen to the radio

4.They are always talking to the neighbours after the mass

5.She sometimes does her homework with her brother


1. Last month I bought a new bike

2. The neighboor’s son is a blue eyes’ boy

3. He broke his


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