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Resumé Matilda en anglais

Fiche de lecture : Resumé Matilda en anglais. Recherche parmi 233 000+ dissertations

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This book is titled “Matilda”

It was written by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake.

The book was published by Puffin in 1988.

Summary of the book:

Matilda is a four-year old girl who is incredibly intelligent. She is very young but she has already read a lot of Masterpieces of literature and she is able to multiply all the numbers.

Unfortunately, she has very silly and mindless parents. Her father, Mr. Wormwood, is a crook, he sells stolen cars and her mother, Mrs. Wormwood, plays every days the lottery during longs hours and spends the rest of her life in front of the television

The first day of school, the teacher of Matilda, Miss Honey, notices her fabulous capacities. She thinks that Matilda should skip two grades. During the recreation, she comes in the headmistress’ office and asks to her if Matilda can skip two grades. But the headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, is fearsome and hates children. She thinks that Matilda is an abominable girl and she refuses the request of Miss Honey.

Miss Honey finds a solution, during the lesson, Matilda can read books and when the lesson is finished, she can ask questions about the books.

Every Thursday afternoon, Miss Trunchbull teaches in Miss Honey’s class. She is mean and dangerous with the children. For example, if a pupil doesn’t know a multiplication table, she catches him by the ears and suspends him in the air, the pupil has to say correctly the multiplication table otherwise she doesn’t drop him. Pupils hate the headmistress.

When she teaches in a class, a pupil must prepare to her a jug of water. One time, a girl who prepares it, decides to play her a trick. She puts in the jug of water a newt.

During the lesson, Miss Trunchbull takes the jug of water and pours some water in her glass. She screams when she sees the newt. She blames Matilda for putting the newt in the water.

Matilda is angry because it is not her the culprit. She watches fixedly the glass of water, and her eyes become burning. She says to them: “Tip it! Tip it over”. She sees the glass wobble. She repeats in her head: “Tip it over!” The glass falls and the water splashes Miss Trunchbull.  

She stands up and says that Matilda has spilled the glass. Miss Honey stands up in turn and defends Matilda. Finally, the headmistress leaves the class, furious.

The bell rings and pupils go in the playground. Matilda stays in the class and she tells to Miss Honey her unexpected power. Miss Honey invites her to come in her house to speak about her power.

In Miss Honey’s house, Matilda discovers that she is very poor. Miss Honey explains that when she was young, her father died mysteriously and she had to live with his aunt. His aunt was cruel with her, Miss Honey had to do the housekeeping every days and now she must give money to her every month. She reveals that is aunt is… Miss Trunchbull!

Matilda finds a plan to get rid of Miss Trunchbull, she develops her power. She becomes able to control things with distance.

The following Thursday, the headmistress comes in the class, when she begins the lesson, Matilda with the power of her eyes, moves a chalk and writes on the board a message who orders to Miss Trunchbull to give money back to Miss Honey. Miss Trunchbull thinks that the person who writes the message is Miss Honey father’s ghost and so she faints.

The next day, the headmistress doesn’t come to the school, and Miss Honey receives the big house of Miss Trunchbull (the house of Miss Honey’ father).


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