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Recherche détaillée sur la poésie (document en anglais)

Dissertation : Recherche détaillée sur la poésie (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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English Outiline

Detailed Outline Poetry Research

INTRO: - British poet, novelist, essayist, playwright, literary critic and painter born on september 11, 1885 in Nottinghamshire. Passed away March 2nd, 1933 in Vence, France.

- His works mostly embody the effects of modernity and industrialization.

- Snake is one of Dh Lawrence's most recognized poems. It is an 75 line poem that embodies the encounter between a human being and a snake. Extremely descriptive laying out one event after another. Can be considered as a first person narrative poem.

- thesis relating the two artworks: One of the major aspects of this poem is overcoming violence between living beings that have been on earth together for thousands of years, present in the Boccaccio Story. Instead of using violence, composed and amicable ways should be used, to avoid a recurring Garden of Eden incident.

1ST BP: - During his mid-life, he exiled himself to France, which he called his "savage pilgrimage". He did so as he had made many enemies because of his work which endured him persecution and censorship.

- Wrote near 800 poems. He belonged to the Georgian poets -> English poets living under the reign of the Kind George V of Great Britain.

- D.H Lawrence considered himself being what many poets thought of themselves, not like regular human beings: “I am that I am from the sun, and people are not my measure.” Different where no one can touch him.

- Other’s opinions made him sensitive -> search warrants coming to his house and giving him three days to pack up and leave due to his wife’s german heritage during WWI (maybe a spy)

- Joyce Carol Oates quote concerning the bluntness of his work -> how he wanted it to be.

- His poems are not trying to portray or evoke a specific message to its readers, but it is only present for the poets joy of having written a poem. Robert O. Dalton’s opinion. (quote).

2ND BP: - Describes his concern on the gap between humanity and nature: confirming his involvement with the modernizing of the world.

- First three lines: fundamental encounter between a human being and a venomous creature -> the outcome of the situation. “Must wait, must stand and wait”: injustice, reptiles arrived on the planet first -> first come, first served.

- He is not bothering anyone, emphasized by the “silently”

- “Someone was before me at my water-trough, and I, like a second comer, waiting”: shocking matter

- “Two forked tongue” -> violent aspect of the snake is released

- “He must be killed”: the snake has to be killed but he won’t be even though the narrator knows that the snake is poisonous and venomous (“the gold are venomous)

- He likes observing the snake and feels honoured in the end however, defying society and its expectations.

3RD BP: - Although there is a sense of honour, his education tells him: m: “If you were not afraid, you would kill him!”.

- Humans are therefore attracted to what they


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