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Oral Seats and Forms of power

Fiche : Oral Seats and Forms of power. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Chapter 1: Going to University

Notion: Seats and Forms of power

Definition of the notion:

The notion seats and forms of power deal with the ability of a community, an institution or even a person to influence or to control people’s mind.

Power can be practice in different ways. For example, the physical strength is a power based on the law of the stronger, or the power of money, which can lead to corruption.

And this form of control can lead to conflicts or tensions.  

In fact for university, there is a debate on the money used to enter it.

So, to illustrate this notion, we are going to study the theme of university (in UK/USA) and the forms of power linked these institutions.

In France, university’s tuition fees depends on the country we are in. It can be very low or free (France for example) or high (US/UK)

Pb: To what extent can we say university is an instrument of power?

I/ Form of power

In my mind, in order to gain power, it is important to have a good education/study with competent teachers. Usually, Great professors teach in reputed universities.

Of course, it is necessary to study by our own. However, when a choice has to be made between 2 people with an equal diploma and different colleges, the person chosen would be the one who attended the renowned university.

Moreover, university is a place where you can develop your own network through fraternities or sororities that may contribute to help you to find a job or gain power.

Having a degree allows you to gain power, have more responsibilities and it may assure you a decent wage. That’s also the reason why so many people want to go to university.

II/ Debate about money

However the cost of university is rising.

In the document “for or against the rise of tuition fees”, we get to see 2 point of view. Emily’s who think the rise will become a symbol of how much money people have and won’t represent their effort.

On the other hand, James is in favor of that rise because it may help reducing the deficit and maintain the standards.

In UK, many students were demonstrating in the streets of London because of a law allowing the increase of the maximum limit of the tuitions fees.

According to them, the cost of education is far too expensive. For most of them higher education is not accessible to everyone, people can't always pay.

So we can see the power of degree, because students protest a lot, students are really motivated, we can see a lot of passion. Degree it's really important for students, it represent for them a lot of power, the fact to have studied, the fact to have been in college. It's also a satisfaction personal really high.

In conclusion, To conclude, degree is a instruments of power because it's really important for the life, to have a good job, a better live and to have more responsabilities.


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