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 English Synthesis

Locations and form of power

        The power is an influence of these ideas on someone or a group of people. It's a person, group, or nation having great influence or control over others. The power is exerted thanks to the place in the society like the president of the States. My key question is to what extent can speech or words be considered a form of power ? The speech is a way used by a lot of people. First, I will talk about the speech in the literature with the Catrina's speech in Shakespeare's play who was influenced by his era. Secondly, I'd like to talk about a song with this document, It's a Man's World, a song did by James Brown, a famous American singer. Then thirdly, I'm going to talk about a movie, The King's Speech.

        The speech is an oratorical development on a determined subject, says in public, and in particular during a solemn opportunity, by a speaker.

        There is different ways to convey a message although words. A lot of singer try to change the world with some lyrics which can shocked or scarred.

        I- The King's Speech

During the 2ww (1939), the king George VI stammer. It's not really possible to a king to stammer because he needs to make speech, to speak to his kingdom. Lionel Logue will help him to stop to stammer. At this time, the king has to rally his nation ''we have tried to find a peaceful way out of the differences between ourselves''to enter in war against Germany. If he fails his speech, England fails against Germany. When he does his speech, all the British were terrified. What’s more, he gave them something to do ”stand calm and firm and united in this time of trial” an instruction that probably helped people feel more in control of an unpredictable situation. Empower the nation and remind citizens of their strength in character and their ability to overcome the darkest of times ''for the second time in the lives of most of us, we are at war''. He tries to keep the attention of public with the use of emotion

In the movie, The King's Speech make by Tom Hooper in 2010 shows how the king has overcome his problem. In a first moment, at the beginning, he must make a speech but he doesn't overcome it and he fails, nobody want to listen him, they divert to the speech. But the second passage, when he pronounces the speech who must convince the nation to go to the war, the director decides to insist on feelings. When he says ''in this grave hour'', the king doesn't speak and the music, with the cello which insist in the bass. When the actor of the king speaks, he speaks slowly and we can see the difficulty he had. He starts with a long silence and he tries to articulate, he does long silence, he has difficulty to pronounce some words. Although his symbolic leadership in Britain was crucial during World War Two, George's reign was perhaps most important for the accelerating evolution of the British Empire into the Commonwealth of Nations and the post-war transformation of Great Britain into a welfare state. His hereditary title of Emperor of India ceased in 1947 when India and Pakistan became separate independent countries. Nevertheless, his stammering, his difficulties, the king  achieved to bring together her nation. Just with powerful words. [quotation]

        II- The Katerina's speech


The play of theatre The Taming of the Shrew did by Shakespeare. During the play, Petruchio needs money and asks to Baptista his daughter in marriage but she is really shrew. She is the eldest daughter of Baptista Minola and she must be married. Contrary  of her sister who has a lot of pretender Hortensio, Gremio and Lucentio. Men don't want to approach Katerina. When Petruchio take Katerina at Verona, he tries to taming her, he will forbidden Katerina to eat, to sleep and he buys beautiful clothes for her. At the end of the play, men did a challenge to see who have the most submissive woman. Of course, it's Katerina with his final speech.


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