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Lettre de motivation, anglais

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My name is Tiffanie DELPLANCHES, I student in BTS management assistant at Saint Pierre in Brunoy, near Paris.

For two years, I spent two days and half in a company and studied the end of the week at school.


My company is “La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie” in Paris. I obtained this post thanks a job offer on the site “l’Etudiant”. La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie is an institution specializing in the share of scientific and technical culture to French and international visitors.

It was founded in 1986. Before being La Cité des Sciences, it was a slaughterhouse and the largest meat market in Paris.


My company operates with over 1 000 employees.

Previously I was in the department "Technical department and security" but in order to carry out all the tasks required for my BTS I asked to be transferred, I am currently in the project monitoring department.

The project manager is in charge of the establishment of the projects in place using two alternate.

The Director is responsible for the service.

The management assistant is in the charge of the follow-up of the administrative, commercial and accounting files of the department.


My working hours are 9:30 to 7:30 PM.

Every day, I travel by bus or train to the office. I takes me 1:30 hours to get here.

The management assistant must be versatile and therefore be able to handle varied tasks such as organization, communication, accounting, personnel management, commercial assignment, finance and taxation.

In mu company, I am in charge of the following tasks:

  1. I answer the telephone calls,
  2. I update customers files,
  3. I sent invoices to customers and also chase up customers for unpaid invoices,
  4. I realize requests for quotations on the software AWS.
  5. I attend project meetings.
  6. I find new providers for events.
  7. I update the files.
  8. I create budget tracking tables.

The office automation is a tool I master. I can make out spreadsheets, manage databases, do filing, draw up texts and documents and so on.

The main qualities I need for my job are rigor, methodology, discretion and reactivity. That is why my boss relies on me.


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