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Golden Dreams Questions

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1) I think that the best is the third poster because he shows a train and railways on a bridge with pillars who represent a prison, we can see eyes and hands who are behind the foundations as it was a someone locked up moreover, the title is “La jaula de oro” who means The Golden Cage, it’s an extra element who illustrated the movie.

In the movie we can find this metaphor again because the mains characters are blocked because the train is only way to leave, they are behind the borders and it’s not possible to go unless to risk your life.

2) For me, it’s the title in Spanish: “The Golden Cage” who is more adapted because at the end of the movie we can see that the only character who is alive have to work in a factory, then that he was dreaming of American Dream. Thus, this title is more representative of the movie and especially of the regrettable future of the mains characters. They became prisoners of this American Dream, moreover Sara and Chauk are dead when they was trying to reach the USA and Juan ended imprisoned in a factory of meat…

I think that the message of the movie about the American Dream is that if we want to get a thing, if we have a dream, we must give all they have to reach it but it’s possible that despite that, they can’t realize it. He must to give themself the ways to succeed. I think that the author wanted to do an optimistic end for Juan (the only survivor) who go out of factory after the work and see the snow who falls (in memoria to Chauk who dreamed to see the snow). We can almost think that he is appeased by the snow and think at his friends. The movie want to show us that the American Dream is not perfect, that the USA is not perfect. The goal is also to show the escape of the characters who run after the USA, but at the end, the goal is finally to show us that the characters who glorified the American Dream find again imprisoned in this dream.


a. Seule moyen de voyage pour atteindre leurs rêves, image du voyage

All along the movie they are travelling on those trains they represent their way to their dream.

All along the movie we follow their travel in the train

b. they represent the liberty because they are free to move where they want. Le désire de voyager.

c. Transitions ellipse



personality : raciste, colérique, têtu, courageux

accessoires : bottes

living conditions : pauvre, sècheresse

american dream : souhaite avoir une vie meilleure, refuse de le dire

relationship : avec sara love + bienveillance , chauk se supportent pas, samuel pote à la compote

evolution : finit par être bienveillant, sage, gentil w/ indien


perso : gentille, généreuse

accessoire : bandana pour applatir seins, casquette

living condition


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