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Gap year sujet invention

Étude de cas : Gap year sujet invention. Recherche parmi 294 000+ dissertations

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A wonderful gap year !

Hello folks, my name is Théophile, and I have just returned from an extraordinary trip. I would like to share this great experience with you. As I wanted to be involved in the association gap360, I decided to test by myself the principle of the gap year. To prepare this adventure I gathered a lot of information (guides, sites, forum..) concerning Australia. I was both very excited and anxious to leave home to visit this huge country. I chose to travel from Sydney to Cairns. In Sydney I contacted gap360 to know what I could do. They decided to send me to Cairns. They told me I could help with the aborigines. Once in Cairns I visited the city center with another volunteer. The following day we went to the camp where aborigines live. What a difference ! I was struck by their living conditions. The half naked children were walking in the street whereas the adults were drunk or drug addicted. I discovered another Australia where aborigines are considered as second class citizens. Suddenly an old man started to shout at us and very rapidly a group of younger men gathered. We were afraid and we thought we had to leave. My friend told me that sometimes they refused our help.

Back home I hope I have contributed to better the aborigine’s life.

This experience made me grow up more rapidly and broaden my horizons. I discovered genuine and hopeless people. It was both construcive and enriching. I think everybody should go overseas and join this organization.

Come on be adventurous !



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