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Exposé sur le programme politique de Donald Trump en anglais

Dissertation : Exposé sur le programme politique de Donald Trump en anglais. Recherche parmi 248 000+ dissertations

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Ok, so today, I’m going to speak about Donald Trump and more precisely about his political program. Then, we’ll try to understand why American people have voted for him.

So, first, to understand this election, we’ll recapitulate the historical context. The USA have been, for years, in a delicate situation. The country is divided by racism, which cause a lot of violence across the country, for example, the many assaults and murders committed by the police against black people. During recent years, there have been important Mexican migrations. More, the inequalities between social classes have recently rapidly increased, for the most part, because of the poor economic system and development. International wise, the USA are the 1st economic power in the world but their domination is more and more contested by other rapidly growing countries like China. And more importantly, the United States are also deeply implicated in Middle-East wars. So, to make this short, they have to respond to many issues, like global warming, which is a delicate task because nearly half of the American believe in The Creation (as said in the Bible: the earth was created by the hand of god in 6 days), which make most of them global warming deniers (prenoncer “dinailleurs”).

Now, let’s see how Donald Trump has planned to face all these complex issues. His first move has been towards immigration: he promised to build a wall between the USA and Mexico, because he thinks Mexicans are stealing American’s jobs, and to go with that, he planned to expulse nearly 11 million immigrants out of the USA. When asked about foreign policies, he said he was prepared to drastically reduce the military investments, and of course, as it was just a little detail, to exterminate ISIS. He also planned to start an economic war against Asia, and inject 100 billion dollars in the American economic system. About the environment, he decided to rescind the COP21 agreements, because, to him, “global warming is a hoax created to weaken the American economy”.

But all of this is only a small part of what he promised to his credulous followers. He also spent a lot of time cowardly provocating minorities, insulting women and Hillary Clinton, and bragging about his wealth, his skills in politics, and his penis.

So, apparently, Donald Trump doesn’t have a real project for his 4 years as a president. The measures he promised are all non-sense and foolish. He can’t find that much money, he can’t expulse 11 million people… He is just selling unrealistic dreams to America.

So, now, we can ask ourselves this question: Why did half of the American people vote for him? Well, there are a lot of reasons, but, for me, the two more important ones are, first, that Americans are hoping to return to the America age of 1960 and the glorious 30s, and this is what Donald Trump promised them. And the second reason is that Trump is the symbol of a strong, successful and fearless leader. Maybe Americans are afraid and they need a strong president to reassure them.

Which make me think of a quote from the New York Times : “America is dreaming, and this dream is named Trump”.


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