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1. It took her 3 hours to get to the city centre.
-> She spent
3 hours getting to the city centre
2. Are you aware of the grammar structure?
-> Do you .... have awareness of the grammar structure?
3. We succeeded in digging the Panama cannel.
-> We managed on digging the Panama cannel.

4. It is such a beautiful girl that everybody loves her.
-> She is so beautiful that everybody loves her.

5. I’prefer you not to pee here =))
-> I’d like you not to pee here  (talk to that baby huhu)

6. She prefers staying at home to going out

-> She’d rather stay home than go out

7. It’s not worth making him get up early

-> There is no ....................................................................

8. I like do collecting stamps.
-> I’m a stamps collector

9. Mother Teresa said “Go home and love you family”

-> chời ơi “you family =))” Mother Teresa told us to go home and love our family

10. Claura said, “Have you seen my windbreaker, Joe?”
-> Claura asked Joe if he had seen her winbreaker.

11. “More than three-quarter of the air consists of nitrogen”, he said.

-> more than three-quarter of the air is said by him to be consisted of nitrogen.

12. Claura said, “Little Jimmy broke some of his new toys yesterday.”

-> Claura said that little Jimmy had broken some of his new toys yesterday (c cuồng tên claura à :3)

17. We regret not carry out a more thorough investigation into the matter

-> We wish we had carried out a more...

18. It was rumoured that the landowner had very little money when she died

-> The landowner was thought to have very little money when she died.

19. After walking five miles we were very tired. (Going)
-> Five miles going on foot made us very tired (sai đừng chém nha)

20. I had been at the meeting too long and I was bored. (enjoying)

-> I wasn’t enjoying the meeting because I had been here too long.

21. To find new fuels, it is necessary to spend a lot of money. (means)

->  Finding new fuels means speding a lot of money.

22. She continued to hope that something good would happen to her

-> She kept hoping that sth good would happen to her.

23. Tom is trying to find a way not to pay the tax. (avoid)

-> Tom is trying to find a way to avoid paying the tax.

24. Daisy used to watch cartoon but she hasn’t watched one for months.

-> Daisy gave up watching cartoon.

25. Jean was the first person I asked for advice. (whose)

-> Jean, whose advice I asked for, was the first person.  (nghi câu này lắm huhu)

26. The poster has been put on the notice board. It tells residents to save water.

-> The poster which tells residents to save water has been put on the notice board.

27. I can’t find anything to eat.
-> There is no use finding anything to eat.
28. That house is empty
-> Nobody is in that house.

29. This product is cheap, and it’s effective. (as well as)

-> This product is cheap as well as effective.

30. I have to book the hotel, and I have to make the travel arrangements. ( in addition to).

-> In addition to book the hotel, I hace to make the travel arrangements.

31. Wage cuts have led to people rioting on the streets. (as a result of)

->  People riot on the streets as a result of wage cuts.

32. It’s possible Louise is waiting for us at the airport.

-> Louise may be waiting for us at the airport.


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