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Bac anglais : seats and forms of power

Dissertation : Bac anglais : seats and forms of power. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Seats and forms of power


First thing first, I’d like to definite the notion seats and forms of power. Seats might be the places, the important buildings or institutions that represent some kind of power. Meanwhile power can be defined in a more academic way as the ability to control others, events or resources. Power leads to conflicts between the holders and the ones who have no power. A person dominates on another in all situations, and that implies contesting. Higher educative system illustrates very well the notion seats and forms of power. Which is why we could wonder in what way going to university might be considered as a seat and forms of power.

                                            At first sight, we could say that higher education has substantial advantages.

In deed in this crisis context which we all live in, pursuing higher studies, not only to get a diploma, a degree, or a master, but also in order to get a job is essential. Because it reveals clear that currently, the more you are specialized or the more diplomas you have, the less you have difficulties to find a great job on the labour market.

Besides, you also have a chance to specialize then and do what you want, what you are interested in, or the job you have ever dreamed of. Because for people who have no idea what they exactly want to do later, higher educative system offers one of the best places to explore the different options and make a choice, such like pursuing a passion.

Moreover we could add that education grants a new kind of power,                                                                                          -first because in creates a gap between those who can actually afford study costs, and those who can’t.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -but it also has the advantage to prepare young people to their future career (skills, knowledge),                                      - higher education provides a personal development, and better communication (written and vocal), critical thinking skills, identification of your skills, and sense of accomplishment. Thus developing oneself in the above way is extremely valuable and higher education helps young people to do so.                                        –But it’s also very noticeable to say that education has economic benefits because on average the more you learn, the more you earn. And people with more than high school diploma tend to be more successful (on the labour market way meaning)

But it could be useful to say that even though all of it, about 40% of the adult above 35 years old are still paying off their student loans.

Notwithstanding, diplomas and degrees are becoming barely valuable since a few years.

                         On second thought higher educative system produces and allows significant inequalities.

As a matter of fact, it will be noticed that with the rise of tuitions, for example in the UK in the ‘2010, a lot of students took to the streets and protested against the increase of the university cost.                                     In deed most of them can’t afford the cost of university, actually most people can’t even pay off, take a loan and students wouldn’t earn enough money to pay off their loans and that means that a lot of loans wouldn’t be repaid, which contributes to the crisis. Besides if those debts are not written off, the main problem is that the next generation will be seriously tackled by this economic problem. Those inequalities thus close the doors to students most affected by the crisis and it shows the power of universities on the future of the students and comes under a certain form of blackmail in some w        ay (entre gros guillemets)


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