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Crow kinship system

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Crow kinship system

Crow tribes lives in australia under the water on lnds like rolling hills mountains and valleys they have a unique kinship system. There kinship system was based on a idol, who named “man coyote”.

The tribes revered a certain respect to the mother’s ; they considered that the mothers are the foundation of the family. They exercise different roles of the fathers:

women take care of the physical and emotional needs of the individual and the fathers promote and take care of the announcement of the achievement.

The base of the family don’t change relative to our socity. But in the crow kinship, your uncles and cousins are different. Your maternal aunt is your mother and there child are yours parents  but your maternal uncle still your uncle and there children are your daughter if it is a girl and your son if it is a boy. On the biological father side, your uncle is your father and there children are your sibling but your aunt still  your aunt. Her shildren are your aunt if it is a girl or your father if it is a boy.

After the puberty, you can’t have a physical and visual contact with your sister due to a possible sexual comportment. This phenomenon is the same with the mothers and the father in law.

we found that this kinship system was complicated but nevertheless interesting to study. this one is a good testimony of the diversity of custom between the different civilizations of our planet.

We were puzzled at the role of women in this kinship system. indeed, these are placed as what is akin in our society to housewives, which is controversial at the moment.


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