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Review horse whisperer

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The Horse Whisperer is a novel written by Nicholas Evans. It’s a realistic story about horses and their universe set in Montana in the United States of America. The book was published in 1995 and quickly became a bestseller. This book was made into a film directed by Robert Redford in 1998.

Marked by an accident that cost her her bestfriend, her leg and harmed severly her horse, Grace MacLean, a tennager, decided to give up her life and refused to see her horse, Pilgrim, who was at the edge of death covered with injuries both physically and mentaly. Instead of standing idly by, her mother, a sucessful journalist, Annie MacLean, persisted to find « the Horse Whisperer » : the man that, in her opinion was able to soothe the impetuous Pilgrim and give back to her daughter the zest of living. That’s how they got themselves in an adventure full of émotion, twists and turns. But can Pilgrim be tamed ? Will Grace be able to ride hima gain despite the ghosts of her past ? All that sprinkled with a dose of romance, it promises a magical story.

An incredibly gripping story that you wish it would never end. It is really moving to see the psychological codition of Grace and Pilgrim and their évolution. The descriptions are incredibly realistic and beautiful. Only when you leave the book you realize you are not in Montana. If I had something to criticize, it would be the ending that I didn’t really like. I would have prefered the story to last a little bit longer. I also love the universe of horses so it didn’t take long for me to read the book.

Rarely have I read such an amazingly written novel. I read it several times but it seems I never get enough of it. It is also a book you can appreciate even if you are not a fan of horses. It is definitly a book you must add to your library.


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