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Welcome to Pennsylvania, the wonderful American state created on twelve September one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven. The state is also known as the "Keystone State" and has a deer as its symbol. Pennsylvania's modo is Virtue, Liberty and Independence, a reference to the important role Pennsylvania played in World War two. For those ( dose)  looking for a quiet experience in the state of Pennsylvania, I can recommend the Pennsylvania Museum of Art which ( whitche) houses one of the largest art collections in America.

  It is also an iconic building in the city. Its huge garden and outdoor sculptures make it a popular tourist spot. For those (dose) looking for a sensational experience in the state of Pennsylvania, I recommend the Keystone Safari. This is a huge zoo where you can see incredible animals like lions and giraffes. The zoo also offers a variety of thrill rides. This is not the only zoo in Pennsylvania, the Pitts burg Zoo also offers a great experience.  


to continue, the capital of Pennsylvania is Harrisburg, the busiest city in the state, where you can find all the major businesses and try the typical Pennsylvania food called chees steak. You can also find the beautiful Pennsylvania state capitol building, the architecture is very original, it is a perfect place for tourism. to continue, I also recommend the state museum of pennylvania, it's a great museum located in the north of Harrisburg that traces ( traceusse) the history of Pennsylvania. It's a great place for people who are passionate about history.  In Harrisburg is also possible to discover beautiful landscapes like big mountains


To finish introducing you to the beautiful state of Pennsylvania, I wanted to tell you that this state is worth visiting, its beautiful landscapes and activities make it a great tourist place, and I advise you to go and see for yourself.  


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