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Firstly, what is junk food? Junk food is an informal term for food that is of little nutritional value and often high in fat, sugar, and/or calories. We can eat this kind of food in fast food restaurants like McDonald, KFC etc… These "extra foods" are foods like potato chips, chocolate, cakes, lollies, ice cream, soft drinks and some takeaway food like hamburgers and hotdogs. These foods are usually low in nutrients and high in salt, sugar or fat. They are "extras" to be enjoyed occasionally.

Who is concerned? Well, the most concerned are young people, students. It is friendly, cheap, and convenient. For them, the food is tasty and it’s a way for them to gather with their friends. They can easily go to fast food restaurant after school or during lunch time. They don’t see that the food is greasy, high calories, and not well balanced. They just want to have fun and have great time.

There are workers too, when they are in hurry, they go into this store and eat faster because they have no time, they have to go back to work or they are stressed by work, it saves time for them. Even for people who don’t like cooking.

Secondly, to eat this food is dangerous for health. Elderly people are watching T.V and gulping down junk food in the same time. They are lounging on a sofa and they are fat. There is a lot of case of obesity because of that. Others consequences are heart diseases, some cancers such as prostate, breasts, intestines… diabetes, especially fat and depression. It’s a globalization food. For this people, health has no price. They are being cut off from the world.

Why so much success? Several Reasons explain the success of fast food restaurants all over the world.

Firstly, the prices are low rather, thus eating in a fast food restaurant is less expensive than going to a classical restaurant or cooking, for middle-class families.

Secondly, in our society, working mothers often run out of time because they are overbooked, they have to juggle family with their life and their jobs and they lack time to shop and prepare balanced meals. Fast food restaurants allow them to have lunch very quickly, they even have the possibility of buying the food without getting out of cars to eat them wherever they like. So, the quickness of the service and take-out food are a real advantage. Then, people go to Fast-Food for the simplicity: They do not have to cook, especially as more and more people do not even know how to cook, even the easiest recipes, and they do not need to clean after the meal too. It is easy and convenient solution year.

Next, for young people, fast food restaurants are convivial and friendly, you-can get together, have fun and chat.

We can guess people go to fast food restaurants because they are influenced by TV advertising makes them where we believe it's cheaper, handier, better and more nutritious.

To finish, there are campaigns struggles in the world against this kind of food. Even with much prevention, consumers don’t care about themselves. They eat and eat and eat again and one day, they are fat! Over consumption of junk food causes malnutrition and healthy problems.

This is why parents have to prevent their children against junk food and learn them to eat balanced. To eat fat or not to eat fat? That is the question.


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