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L'effet dévastateur de l'alcoolisme aux États-Unis d'Amérique

Commentaire de texte : L'effet dévastateur de l'alcoolisme aux États-Unis d'Amérique. Recherche parmi 240 000+ dissertations

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Drinking has always been a habit for the Americans. Alcohol came on board on the immigrants ships. They always have been thinking that liquor would help them escaping from the reality. As for example G. Washington used to make his soldiers have rhum and whisky before going to war so that they would feel more confident and fearless. Fred Douglas ( an old slave) considered that alcohol made him feel like president of the United States so therefore self assured. But Americans weren't aware that all these powerful feelings were just an illusion. Funeral and elections were always good opportunities to gather and drink. Around 1830, on average, Americans over the age of 15 were consuming over 15 gallons of pure alcohol each year. By then, every meal contained alcohol from breakfast to dinner. Slowly wheat, corn, oats were also used to make distilled alcohol. Althought drinking is a part of their history, American women decided to take a stand, come up and express their feelings about seeing their father, brother and husband coming home drunk. Not being able to walk straight on their own, becoming more and more violent each day. Do you want your future generation to be the same ? Would you like your children become like their father ? No, you need to vote dry. Drinking is a serious problem. It doesn't take much time to become a serious and dangerous habit. Therefore , you need to react fast before it's too late. Alcoholism is a bad habit, you cannot get rid of it easily. It has become a big issue. To come over this problem, we need to reunite, stand together against it. Alcoholism has a very devastating effect everywhere in the United States of America. From social drinking to abusive drinking, this has become a major issue in each and every citizen of the USA. Drunk mens are considered to be more vulnerable but at the same time capable to commit crimes without been conscious. We need to make Americans drink less at any cost. To make that possible, we have to be together in this. People of America, I may now ask you to think about your future, your family future and your nation's future. Voting dry will make a change. A big change, you can't expect things to change without people reacting right ? Vote dry people of America !


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