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Do you agress that you are sometimes manipulated by advertising?

Discours : Do you agress that you are sometimes manipulated by advertising?. Recherche parmi 237 000+ dissertations

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Do you agree that you are sometimes manipulated by advertising ?

Yes I am manipulated by advertising but who is not ? Nobody because, in our society, as says Morgan Spurlock : « we swim in an ocean of advertising ». Indeed you can go anywhere, we will see ads: on billboards, in supermarkets, on the posters in the street, on your phone… Even at the house: on the TV, on radio, on newspappers, on internet…

All the advertisings want to say the same thing : CONSUME ! They make us buy things we don’t need, it’s change our habits, they use slogans to put focus on their products.

Sometimes celebrities give their image to make advertising for big brand like David Beckham for Nike, Georges Clooney for Nespresso, Penelope Cruz for l’Oreal or Johnny Hallyday for Optic 2000.

Even « normal people » make advertising, for example, you see a man with a beautiful tee-shirt, just after saw him, you probably want buy this tee-shirt. And it’s can be with an other object like a phone, a car, an ipod, a bag, a hat …

Sometimes, we see ads and we don’t focus on, but the brain record this ad in our memory and when we see this ad again, we remember of it and so we focus on, it’s psychological. Some scientific work for advertising to find better means to manipulate us to buy a product, it’s diabolic ! Brief if advertising doesn’t exist, life will be simple.


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