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Symetrix Solutions personnalisées pour gérer les objets

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A single source of expertise for the entire life cycle of your data center

At Symetrix, we are redefining the landscape for data center infrastructure. Our unique turnkey approach to designing, building, upgrading and managing data centers replaces complexity and unwarranted costs with efficient, total life cycle solutions that deliver meaningful and measurable value.

We bring to the industry a distinctive blend of business, IT, design, engineering and real estate expertise directed toward a single purpose – delivering cost-effective solutions that ensure optimal use of space, technology, equipment and energy as well as maximum uptime and continuous availability for your mission-critical facilities.

We are the first data center infrastructure specialist in Canada to provide leaseback solutions for businesses seeking to focus their capital, time and resources on their core activities.

Symetrix also offers a suite of professional business and technical consulting services designed to help organizations make strategic and informed decisions.

Our core business is data center infrastructure, from small server rooms to large data centers.

1.2. National Coverage

Symetrix has delivered numerous large-scale turnkey projects nationally for major Canadian public and private sector organizations.

We provide data center leaseback solutions and facility management services for businesses across Canada.

In 2007, to better serve the needs of our clients, we opened new offices in Toronto, Ontario.

1.3. Symetrix’s Customized Facility Management Solutions

Symetrix’s team of specialists understands both the application and the capabilities of the equipment, we can ensure that all systems in these technologically intensive facilities remain operational and functional.

Focusing on core business activities is the key to achieving a competitive edge. Symetrix can help your business make more efficient use of its resources by providing a comprehensive suite of facility management solutions. Our partnership will continue with the management of your critical facility infrastructure components using best management practices and state of the art technologies to ensure exemplary system availability and stability. Our portfolio offers a complete range of flexible, worry-free services, tailored to each client’s specific needs and designed to ensure maximum uptime and continuous availability for your data center.

2. Proposal

2.1. Introduction

As you know, Symetrix is extremely familiar with your infrastructure since we have planned and executed the project in a true partnership mode. We would like to take this partnership to the next level and become your single point of contact for all yours support needs.

2.2. Description of the Service

Symetrix’s complete service solution offers direct access to a 24/7/365 technical support service via our unique Service Desk number (1-877-234-9272). Here are a few advantages of this service:


Symetrix’s team takes charge during incidents

• Total accountability for the resolution of all incident calls to assure faster restoration of the critical systems as per contractual requirements.

• Management of all communications between service providers and the “client”

• Priority access to manufacturer supply chain and help desk. Rapid interventions and assiduous follow-up with providers when parts must be ordered from the manufacturers and replaced. Our team handles the overall process, until the parts are delivered on site.


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