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On the eve of the 2011 Salon de l'Agriculture, France Nature Environnement launched a campaign of shock damage caused by intensive agriculture disrespectful of our environment. Not just a punch media, but also to propose solutions and open a dialogue. the aim of the operation is clear: make an impression to get the message. We import GMOs to feed our cattle as we refuse to grow and that the consumer does not want.

On this picture we see is a man who keeps a corn cobs as a gun. The message is clear, what we eat is killing us. Over the "it's safe" quips that man tries to kill himself. The message "On GMOs are not yet enough experience ..." explains that on this recent practice we do not yet know the risks to health and the environment and that there are not many studies on the subject.

This ad is offensive because it reminds us that what we eat may be harmful to our health as much as smoking. You can not have confidence in what we eat when we know that there are such practices that the sector is not sufficiently monitored and we do not know the future risks.


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