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IoT for security

Analyse sectorielle : IoT for security. Recherche parmi 240 000+ dissertations

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2. 1 Justification:

There are thousands of students, teachers and visitors on campus every day, and because surveillance such as illegal parking, student behavior and others. All this needs a large human crew. As well as, traditional campus security systems include access control systems, video surveillance cameras and more. However, these devices are often isolated from one another. For that, to contact each other it is better to use a modern communication envisaged soon, where everyday life objects will be equipped with microprocessors, digital communication transmitters and receivers, and appropriate protocol sets that will enable them to communicate with each other and with users)Morabito. 2010) According to ISOC, refers to the Internet of Things system in which the network connection and the possibility of computing devices, sensors, operating triggers and daily items that are not usually computers, allowing these devices to create, exchange and consumption data with minimal human intervention (Zanella et al.2014) Internet systems allow users to access massive computerization, analysis and consumption within the system. IoT uses current and emerging technology for sensors, networks and robots [5]. With the majority of colleges in modern environments today, the concept of a smart campus has become urgent. This shift is seen in the upgrading of faculties with the use of the latest IT technologies. The purpose of this project is to study perceptions in the deployment of Internet-based objects on the campus security system. (Kamolov. 2018), (Kodali et al. 2017)

2. 2 Objectives:

Aim: At the highest level, the campus connects smart devices, applications and individuals across a common technology infrastructure. When everything is connected, devices and applications can interact with users and with each other. So it is to create a platform that connects all security devices together. This increases safety and responsiveness. That make the campus safer and more secure for everyone living, working and learning there. The overall goal of the campus security project is to make the campus a faster response to security by utilizing the capabilities of smart objects platforms through the Internet with minimal human effort.

1. Study and conduct feasibility of deployment the smart security campus

2. Understand and determine the importance of IoT in the campus environment

3. Gathering requirements and features for smart security campus

2. 3 Product scope description:

IoT Components

Connectivity Of Devices Sensors Sensors -In all cases, sensors are a vertical part of digital data IoT. Collect information about the environment and status signals before sending to the microprocessor. The sensors take the motion resulting from what happens around them, and send them to the reading and analysis devices.

The Raspberry Pi is a series of single-board computers one of

Microcontroller Signal processing from sensors, identification of appropriate responses, management of power consumption and local memory. Where the controller processes sensor readings to reply or evaluate.

Gateway The portal provides easy management of data traffic between protocols and networks. On the other hand, it also translates network protocols from properly connecting devices and sensors. The importance of the portal in the use of the latest encryption technology. Represents an additional layer between the cloud and devices that filter the attack and access the devices and the network illegally. It can also work on pre-processing data from sensors and sending them.

Analysis Analog data for devices and sensors is converted to a format that is easy to read and analyze. All of this is possible because of the Internet system that manages things and helps improve the system. The most important function in IoT is that it supports real-time analysis that is easily observed and reduces the occurrence of harmful things and accidents. Data collection helps analyze information and how to evolve in the future.

Communication WiFi The Wi-Fi connection is the best choice in protection networks. The Wi-Fi network is high-speed unlike Bluetooth, which does not transmit data over long distances.

Sigfox In addition to the Wi-Fi network, there is a network in Oman. Comes in terms of range between WiFi and cellular network. ISM ranges, which are free to use without having to obtain licenses, are used to transfer data across a very narrow spectrum to and from connected objects. Sigfox's idea is that for many M2M applications running on a small battery require only low levels of data transfer. Data are not highly sensitive.

Cloud With the help of IoT, it helps store the data that has been analyzed. There are many tools used to store data on the cloud. Such as the Azara cloud, which is characterized by high encryption. One of the most important components of cloud data preservation is database management.

Kaa IoT Platform Kaa is an enterprise-class Internet platform, built on a modern, native cloud architecture and a fully customizable set of features. Based on flexible micros services, Kaa adapts easily with almost any needs and applications.

Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Database is a fully managed relational cloud database service that provides the broadest compatibility for a SQL Server engine. Accelerate application development and simplify maintenance using SQL tools. Take advantage of integrated intelligence that learns application patterns and adapts to increase performance, reliability, and data protection. It is one of the programs in the field IoT.

Power IB Embedded Power Management (SaaS) and Azure (PaaS) Power Management Embedded include APIs to include dashboards and special reports. This feature means you have a range of capabilities and access to the latest Power BI features such as dashboards, portals, and application workspaces. These plugins help analyze data for IoT

(Kamolov. 2018), (Verzuh.2008), (Yadav .2017)

2. 4 Stakeholders:

Stakeholders are individuals and groups affected by the organization's activities (Cadle, Yeates.2018

Project Sponsor The main driving force behind the project is the executive officer of the project board.


Business owners. They are usually investors who get accurate information and financial statements. Sometimes they also have the right


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