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Étude de l'entreprise Google Inc (document en anglais)

Étude de cas : Étude de l'entreprise Google Inc (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 265 000+ dissertations

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Course: International Marketing

Professor: Professor. Dr. R. Hünerberg

University: University of Kassel(Germany)

Program: European Master in Business Studies(EMBS)

Year: Winter 2008/2009



The following report has been realized in order to fit the examination requirements of

the International Marketing course included within the European Master in Business Studies

during the Winter semester 2008/2009 at the University of Kassel in Germany.

This report added with a 30 minutes oral presentation on the same topic counts for 50%

of the final examination regarding the course of “International Marketing”.

The work requested to the student for these 50% is the following:

« Select a company/ an industrial area and describe/ evaluate their international marketing context

and concepts ».

A homework report of 8 to 12 pages is expected to be handed in until Friday, 24th

October 2008, 16.00.

Individual presentation on 27th and 29th October(30 minutes).

Because I chose to study the world of search engines for my final master thesis I think

that studying Google international activity is the best example of a great international success story


The work I am going to introduce here is unique, resulting from research and analysis

I made on the topic since now three months. Some similar but pay analysis are available on the


I for this reason do not allow the free publication or parts of this report without

explicitly saying my whole name.

This work is composed of one part of my research made to determine the topic of my

final master thesis. Most of the information included in this report does not exist yet on the Internet

I for most of them creating them and interpret them by making analysis which is in fact make all the

added value of this report. Most of the information about Google on the Internet are only based on

a national level(The United States) making this report on the internationalization of Google make it

then quite unique.

I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I took pleasure to study it.




Notes 2

Contents 3

I - Company introduction 4

I – 1 Google nowadays 4

I – 2 Google international expansion 5

I – 3 Google's position in the world nowadays as a search engine 6

II – International Marketing 7

II – 1 Classification of an International company by qualitative features(EPRG) 8

II – 2 From Geocentrism to Regionalism: How Google gets rank first? 8

III – Local modifications 11

III – 1 Local resources 11

III – 2 Local restrictions 11

III – 3 Specific cultures and localized market requirements 11

III – 4 Anti-globalisation trends 12

III – 4.1 Latin America 12

III – 4.2 Middle East 12

III – 4.3 China 12

III – 4.4 Russia and ex-soviet countries 12

III – 5 Types of internationalization 13

III – 6 Google's degree of internationalization 13

III – 7 The overall motivation of internationalization 14

III – 8 Drivers of internationalization 14

IV – Conclusion 16

V – Sources 17

I - Company Introduction

Google Inc has recently celebrated his ten-year birthday(September the 7th 2008). What

a great opportunity to study how a simple research project became one of the world biggest growing

company in all time!

I – 1 Google nowadays

Google is the most used search engine engine in the world with more than 60% of

the world requests made on search engines.

Google is also a company providing a large range of services(exactly 149), his more

recent ones(the web browser: Chrome) make it now compete with firms such as Microsoft.

During the last 4 semesters Google generated nearly 20 billions dollars of revenue with

a net profit of 4,85 billions. As a comparison for the same period Microsoft(created 33 years ago)

got 60 billions dollars and a net profit of 17,6 billions.

The value of Google is nowadays estimated to 142 billions of dollars. In the High-

Tech sector only three companies have a better quotation: Microsoft, IBM (created 97 years ago)

and Apple (32 years ago).

Google is physically present in 33 countries around the world with 68 offices:

To understand how this company could


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