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Le but principal d'une entreprise : la génération de profit ( commentaire en anglais)

Commentaires Composés : Le but principal d'une entreprise : la génération de profit ( commentaire en anglais). Recherche parmi 259 000+ dissertations

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The main purpose of a business is to generate profit and then do the satisfaction of their stakeholders, but Ethics & Social responsibility should take a best place on the way that the business are did. However, privacy is part of ethics and social responsibility too, and has to be protected from intrusion and bad sharing of information. Therefore, do we thing that privacy can be delimited in a zone where the information has to stay and be protected?

In this case, we will work on this subject In 3 points: first of all, what can be that zone of privacy; in second, who should have access to that zone; and on the last one, we have to figure out how information should go out of the zone.

According to the privacy international website” Of all the human rights in the international catalogue, privacy is perhaps the most difficult to define. Definitions of privacy vary widely according to context and environment. In many countries, the concept has been fused with data protection, which interprets privacy in terms of management of personal information”

However, create a zone of privacy mean a zone where important information has to be preserving, where only the staff could have access. I thing that the privacy is very important for anyone, because there is some information regarding us and our live, and we know that if this kind of information fall into a bad hand it’s will be serious. As an example, it’s can be the phone number, address, social security number, the bank account, some password, identity and work history , those information can be used for take a credit card, identity theft and lot of other thing, and the consequences on us can be serious. We can take another example about the recruiter who use facebook for get more information about the candidate, and we know that some information are in the social network like the sexual appurtenance, special activity, pictures, etc… with this kind of information, the recruiter can decide to not accept the application and that is not right because the professional life and private life must be differenced.

Previously, we talk about the access right to this zone of privacy, he has to be reglemented by the company, only people with value and moral should be selected. They can sign a contract and swear that no information will go outside of the zone through their own fault. Stakeholders have to be informed to the privacy zone for reassure them and make them more comfortable with a record of information. For illustrate this argument, according to the article privacy at frontier “the prisoner would not have privacy if the guard held the key, rather, to have privacy the prisoner would have to have control of the key”. Then, some condition should be applied for the entry and exit information.

As a regulated area, zone of privacy have to have boundaries and rules of information storage. If they would left the information out it’s should be on specific case, such as government for a criminal tracking. In other case, they can maybe ask the holder of information, if he wants you to give it to other company for good reason.

Privacy is really hard to protect even with the trial of information system management, then do we thing that on one day we will solve this issues with the globalisation.


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