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Etude Marketing en anglais sur l'entreprise Michel Et Augustin

Mémoires Gratuits : Etude Marketing en anglais sur l'entreprise Michel Et Augustin. Recherche parmi 279 000+ dissertations

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Watching, listening and understanding

A - Watch

Questions :

(1)Explain what the impact for a company is when a good employee leaves the organisation.

It cost a lot: - need a new recruitment and training

- lost productivity

(2)What is the main reason for people to quit their jobs?

The main reason is : Their BOSS.

(3)What are the 4 main factors in determining an employee’s overall level of satisfaction at work ?

- Paying fairly

- Work life balance

- Supporting motivating

- Keeping employees engaged & Intellectually challenged

(4)Is money a driving factor? yes? no? to what extent?


(5)What is essential for a manager to do to ensure staff are committed ?

Complete the collocations used in the video with the suitable verbs. Make sure you understand what they mean.

•to .............. work commitments

•to have career goals

•to provide support

•to meet employee’s needs

•to ……..a work-life balance

•to pay fairly

•to jump ship

•to ............... an example

•to ............... a behaviour

B - Watch

Questions :

1.Define work-life balance. Is it a recent trend? Will it last?

Balance between private life and work life. To have time for family life and to have a better working conditions. Yes, it is a recent trade.

2.Explain what Aimee Israel means when she says “it affects the bottom-line” (hear it in context).

She means that if employees are not very happy at work, they lose in efficiency and productivity, and the quality of their work is not good.

3.What are the main advantages to offer work-life balance to your staff?

Better efficiency at work, they are happier, more loyal, more productive if they can do break and something personal. There is less turn over and sick leaves.

4. List all the policies and facilities that Ernst and Young offers that contribute towards their staff’s well-being.

- work from home to reduce workload

- Flexibility for private goals and work


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