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彼女          그녀

私たち   우리


その人     사람


私の        나의/

私を        나를

私が        내가

私に        나에게/나한테

あなたは        너는/

あなたの        너의/

あなたを        너를

あなたが        네가

あなたに        너에게/너한테

Infinitive                present                past                 futur

to go가다                가요

to come 오다                와요

to talk, speak말하다        말해요 

to hear듣다                들어요

to read읽다                읽어요

to see보다                봐요

to eat 먹다                먹어요

to drink마시다                마셔요

to exit나가다                나가요                

to enter들어가다        들어가요

to buy사다                사요

to sell        발다                발어요

to walk걷다                걸어요

to run달리다                달려요

to get up일어나다        일어나요

to sleep자다                자다

to stand up서다        서요

to sit앉다                앉어요

to push밀다                말아요

to pull당기다                당겨요

to answer대답하다

to arrive도착하다

to ask묻다

to ask물어보다

to boil끓이다

to borrow, lend빌리다

to call, dial걸다

to clean청소하다

to close닫다

to confess고백하다

to congratulate축하하다

to cook요리하다

to cry울다

to dance춤추다

to depart출발하다

to do하다

to die죽다

to dream꿈꾸다

to drive운전하다

to exercise운동하다

to fall in love사랑에 빠지다

to fight싸우다

to find, to look for찾다

to finish끝나다

to fry볶다

to deep fry튀기다

to give주다 

to hate, dislike싫어하다

to have갖다

to have있다

to have가지다

to not have없다

to help도와주다

to hurry, rush서두르다

to introduce소개하다

to know알다

to not know모르다

to laugh웃다

to learn배우다

to lie거짓말하다

to like좋아하다

to live살다

to love사랑하다

to lose, be defeated지다

to make만들다

to marry결혼하다

to measure, weigh재다

to meet만나다

to mix, blend섞다

to need필요하다

to open열다

to order주문하다

to pay내다

to practice연습하다

to prepare준비하다

to promise약속하다

to remember기억하다

to rest쉬다

to ride타다

to roast, grill, bake굽다

to sell팔다

to send보내다

to start시작하다

to steam찌다

to stir휘젓다

to study공부하다

to take (picture) 찍다

to talk, chat이야기하다

to teach가르치다

to telephone전화하다

to think생각하다

to undress, take off clothes벗다

to use사용하다

to wait기다리다

to wash씻다

to wear입다

to wear (hat, eyewear) 쓰다

 to wear (shoes, socks, footwear) 신다

to win, defeat이기다

to work일하다

to worry걱정하다

to write쓰다

음식은 비싸다 = The food is expensive

비싼 음식 = expensive food

to be born태어나다

to be happy행복하다


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