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Correction des identifications sur The Biotech Industry.

Commentaire de texte : Correction des identifications sur The Biotech Industry.. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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Proposition de correction des identifications sur The Biotech Industry.

  • Bloodletting

It used to be a medical technique/it is an archaic technique that meant to cure patients.

It consisted in getting rid of infected blood as doctors believed that it was a good means to help patients to recover. But it most of the time had the opposite effect as people grew weaker and weaker because of the loss of blood and died. It was abandoned when vaccines and antibiotics were discovered and used.

– Vaccines and antibiotics

They were discovered in the early/at the beginning of the 20th century and were then used to replace former medical techniques such as amputation or bloodletting to heal people. They allowed doctors to erase thousands of diseases that had formerly been deadly. They also increased life expectancy! It is a pity vaccines and antibiotics had not been discovered before the flu epidemic of 1918 as millions of people would have been saved !

– 47 and 76 years

47 is the number of years an American person was expected to live at the beginning/in the early 20th century whereas 76 is the number of years an American person is supposed to live nowadays. This increase in life expectancy has been made possible thanks to the advances in medicine and more particularly thanks to the discovery of vaccines and antibiotics in the early 20th century.

– Human cloning

Cloning human beings is an idea that has been considered since scientists have started working on DNA and human genes. Deciphering the human genome would make human cloning possible and it would have very positive aspects as weak organs could be replaced easily. But we will also have to make sure it is properly used and rules will have to be implemented to control that.


– Artificial intelligence

Thanks to discoveries/breakthroughs in deciphering the human genome that can hopefully soon be made thanks to works that have been led for decades on DNA, artificial intelligence will be become possible in a near future. As a matter of fact, it will consist in creating intelligent abilities outside the human brain and into machines (or robots) so it can be totally controlled by man.

– Biotechnology.  

Whereas the 20th century was that of physics with radioactivity thanks to the discovery of the electron that had been made in the 19th century, the 21st century will be the age of biotechnology. The unveiling of DNA by Watson and Crick (thanks to Rosalind Franklin’s works), was the starting point to works that will hopefully lead to the deciphering of the millions of neurons in the human brain. This breakthrough will make it possible to understand many processes and thus to repair them whenever necessary. So maybe one day man may live forever.


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