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Barrack Obama's biography

Fiche : Barrack Obama's biography. Recherche parmi 260 000+ dissertations

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The star I chose was born in one thousand nine hundred sixty-one in Honolulu, in Hawaii. He was bring up modest background by his mother and his stepfather bacause his parents separed when he was two years-old. At the age of ten years, he lived with his grandparents in the archipelago of Pacific.

He did studied of sciences-politics at the university of Culumbia, in New-York. He chose as spaciality internationals relations. When, he worked in Chicago like social host in disavantaged black district and he kept doing his studies in Harvard. His name made for the headlines of medias for the first time. After his passage in Harvard, he chose to turn his back at a career of lawyer for give at the most peniless persons. He bacame on teacher in constitunional law teacher at the university in Chicago.

He married Michelle Robinson and they are two daugthers : Mialia Ann and Natasha. After his remarkable lawyer career, he bacame a politician in the senate of the state of Illinois. He was elected like forty-fourth president of USA. He is the first afro americain president of the country. His first mandate started in two thousand and nine and in the same year, he designated like Nobel Price of Peace. He was elected for his second mandate in two thousand and twelve. He was a member of democratic part. He had a slogan « yes, we can ». He wrote a biographical book « deams for my father » where he related his childhood. He discribes his adolescence period as a torture, he was independant of drugs and his father was often absent. He is known too as an amateur basketball player. He was waiting for the election results in front of a basket.


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