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Anglais expression écrite. A testimony.

Discours : Anglais expression écrite. A testimony.. Recherche parmi 257 000+ dissertations

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Sujet 1 : A testimony

A famous actor recalls how he started studying drama despite his parents’ disapproval. Write his testimony.

We are in the presence of the famous American actor David Smith on the televised plate “late night with” of Jimmy Fallon, who for a few years has been seen in many films such as Hunger games or Divergent. Mr. Smith came here this evening to make us share his beginnings in the cinema world.

-   Hello Mr. David Smith, how are you?

  • Hello Mr. Fallon I go very well thank you.
  • Tell us Mr. Smith, you had tell to us it has been a few times that during you beginnings in the cinema, it was not easy for you. Explain us.
  • Yes it is true, already when I was very small I adored to play different part at the house initially, but when I wanted to register me with the theatre of the school, my parents were against this activity because they said that will take time to me. Known as Mr. Smith.
  •  How do you have make then to integrate a school of cinema without the agreement of your parents? Asked Mr. Fallon
  • As I come to tell you I had not integrated the committee theatre of my high school, as a result I involved myself with my little brothers or my friends at the house. Thus after my high school, I asked my parents to register me in a cinema, they obviously refused. Thus I had to make odd jobs and to save much money to integrate celebrates it school Chapman university. It was not easy whole because it was necessary to pay $2 400 per month.
  • I imagine that it was not joy for you with the school fees. Mr. Fallon expressed itself
  • Not of course that it was not the joy, because threw really taken by the job and the courses. And up to that point my parents were still not agreement compared to the trade which I chose. But as I was very ambitious to realize my dreamed I ended up arriving there.
  •  How that? Explain to us Mr. Smith one wants all to know.
  • Yes you do not worry, after four years of studies, I final had my diploma and there still it was necessary I would be accepted in films. I started with castings of comedy, I could work with actors like Kevin Hart or Jim Carey, it was a true joy for me. Then I played in several series then comes the moment when I was accepted in the casting of Hunger Games.
  • And well it is a formidable history and of encouragement for all the young people who beings actor and actresses. What became your parents?
  • My parents are proud of me because I could proven to them that I could arrive there without their assistance. And even I understand them because they wanted to protect me, they wanted that I have a stable trade, but I decided differently.
  • We are very content with your course and we enormously thank you Mr. Smith for this fabulous history.

And it is as that which we leave you. Good evening.


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