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Boomers: an advertising challenge.

Dissertation : Boomers: an advertising challenge.. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

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Boomers: an advertising challenge.                                                        


The document is about the issue of generations since the baby boom after WW2. Couples made up again and lots of/many/several/numerous births were accounted/numbered.

In the foreground there is a lady who’s elderly.

She wants to play/to enjoy/to have fun with her family.

Advertising need to reach as many people/consumers as possible.

  • To hire (US)  🡪 to recruit, to employ (GB)
  • In their fifties = 1950-1959.
  • An (x) advice –> One piece of advice

In order to/so as to meet old people’s needs, we can do survey face to face or by internet, via mail...etc

It’s also possible to hire a boomer in the advertising department to respond at the best the other boomer’s needs.

Dinners could be organized in order to know what and how boomers really need.

A firm 🡪 une entreprise.

In a nutshell

Beach # bitch

To sum up : to summarize.

It’s a firm of car who present his new car with video.

New technology of a performant car.

Chevrolet 2500 3500

The best pick-up of 2020

La vidéo parle de nouveau pick-up de Chevrolet, disponible en version 2500 et 3500.

Il est plein de nouvelles technologies, avec 15 capteurs embarquées et un radar de recul ultra sophistiqué.

Le pick-up étant haut, une marche est installée sur le bord du véhicule pour monter dedans plus facilement.

Il possède une tenue de route excellente, il consomme peu et peu tracté beaucoup de poids tout en gardant sa puissance.


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