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Projet D'anglais: Bipolar

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Previously called manic – depressive, it’s psychiatric diagnostic who describe anormal mood changes with periods of euphoria (manic) and periods of depressive. These events are interspersed with periods of stabilities. In some people depressed state can very quickly passed to the status of mania. Until 1990 bipolar disorder were classified by the name of manic – depressive. Bipolar disorder affects 2% of the population (man and woman). Bipolar disorder affect essentially people aged 15 to 24 years even if there are already events manifested in childhood or after age 40.


- Causes

The researchers believe it is caused by abnormalities in the mode of communication of nerve cells in the brain. They also think that there is a genetic link or family.

Anomalies in the production and transmission of chemical substances, neurotransmitters, and hormonal abnormalities including the cortisol also implicated in the stress.


The treatment of bipolar disorder may be biological or psychosocial. Two types of treatment are necessary, but most of the time it starts with a biological treatment to control symptoms.

• There are two classes of drugs that are used against bipolar disorder: psycho regulators and drugs up.

- Psycho regulators are drugs that reduce abnormal mood swings, they also prevent mood problems

- Drugs up are used to treat specific symptoms, such as depression, sleep problems, anxiety and psychotic symptoms

They sometimes use antidepressants, anxiolytics and antipsychotics.

• Psychosocial treatments using psychoeducation, psychotherapy, support groups and rehabilitation.


We chose this topic because it is a relatively new topic and wave, had not understood the difference between bipolar and manic depressive, and this research helped us understand that it is the same thing, it is just the name has changed.

Moreover these disorders affect people of our age and we feel concerned by this.

And we know a person who is bipolar.


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