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Rosa Parks

Commentaire d'oeuvre : Rosa Parks. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Introduction : present the axis chosen

Hello ! I'm … and I'm going to talk about a document concerning the theme of diversity and inclusion, which we have studied in class lately. Diversity represents a multitude of differences, characterized here by the difference of culture. The document that I’ve chosen is a drawing entitled « Rosa Parks, 1913-2005 » that pick up the famous story of Rosa Parks in the bus. This one therefore tells the story of a young black woman, Rosa Parks, In 1955, who refuses to give up her seat to a white passenger on a bus in Montgomery (Alabama). Arrested by the police and fined, she appealed her judgment and became the face of a national civil rights movement.

Describe the picture

This drawing represents well the story of Rosa Parks, since we see here into the bus with Rosa Parks in the foreground, then behind her, two characters symbolizing jus-tice and freedom.

The person on the right had eyes blindfolded, which means for the artist that Justice is blind, that it does not see the reality of the facts. The second character represents the Statue of Liberty, which is personified here, the very symbol of the United States of America. The two characters drawn in this way should be there to protect Rosa Parks, but by making them appear behind Rosa, the impression is that in fact they seem indifferent to her situation and do nothing for her.

The artist has chosen to draw in black and white to show the tragic side of this story. The lines are simple but precise. Rosa appears as an elegant woman, as a white woman could be. The artist brings out the absurd side of Rosa Parks' story.


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