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Lettre de demande de flexibilité sosene

Lettre type : Lettre de demande de flexibilité sosene. Recherche parmi 286 000+ dissertations

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Michelle Philips

12 Queen Street


Tel : 569-879654

Mail :

Mr John Smith

SOSENE Director

Friday, November 25th

Object: flexibility request

Dear Sir,

My name is Michelle Philips and I have been a management assistant at SOSENE for four years. My commitment to company values, especially mutual trust, has never failed you and I must say that I have never been on sick leave. Although I work regular hours most of the time, I have always agreed on overtime when necessary.

But my situation has changed. My partner and I have just had our second child and this is why I am requesting more flexibility in my working hours in order to take care of my children and most of all to meet the needs of my new-born child. This would not alter my efficiency or my productivity. I would reach my goals just as before, only in a different manner. In the enclosed document, you will find a suitable proposition involving more home-working. The nature of my position makes it easier thanks to teleworking. As I am fully equipped this would not cause extra cost for the company.

Thank you for the time you took reading my letter.

I remain at your disposal should you wish to meet me for any interview about the matter.

Yours Faithfully

Michelle Philips

Management assistant

Enc: flexibility proposition

La lettre est à adapter en fonction de l’entreprise démarchée. En anglais, il faut utiliser le vocabulaire technique et professionnel, Il ne faut pas partir du français c’est une certitude. Il ne me compte pas tous les mots c’est vraiment énervant quand cela ne marche pas comme il faut.


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