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F&B Poisoning

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Food and Beverages

Subject : What have been the most high-profile cases of food poisoning in 2011 ?

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Table of contents :


I) The main food poisoning in 2011

A) Quick case

B) Chartres Kebab case

II) What have they lost in these cases ?

A) Economic and ethical impact for Quick

B) The impact on the image of Kebab



  Nowadays restaurants have to respect some rules according hygien to carry food. They have to respect different types of laws such as the cold chain and the hot chain but they have to respect sanitary rules according the cleaning of the kitchen and control what their suppliers give to them. These rules works for suppliers and caterers. I have found some rules to respect :

  If you run or intend to start up a business which prepares, handles and sells food, you must comply with hygiene rules to make sure the food is safe to eat. While many of the rules did not change from the previous requirements, there are some differences.

Food business operators must register their establishments i.e. each separate unit of their food business with the relevant Local Authority and should do so at least 28 days before they commence trading. This provides new food businesses with an opportunity to obtain further information and guidance from the Local Authority on food law issues. If your establishment is already registered and there have been no changes since registration or since the last inspection visit by the Local Authority, then you need take no further action to comply with this requirement.

When registering, food business operators must provide full details of the activities undertaken in their establishments and must then ensure that any subsequent changes e.g. a change of food business operator, a change to the food operations, closure of an existing establishment etc. are notified to the Local Authority. Such notifications should be made as soon as possible and in any event no later than 28 days after the change has happened.

  Food poisoning mainly occurs when there is a non-compliance about the rules or conservation cooking or cleaning. This is the case of 2 restaurants that i have choose. I will develop their cases.

I) The main food poisoning in 2011

A) Quick case

A judicial investigation was opened against X Friday to manslaughter after the death dazzling Benjamin on January 22th , a 14 year old boy . The day before, he had dined with his father in a Quick Avignon (Vaucluse) restaurant. Examinations revealed the presence of Staphylococcus aureus in the digestive system of the victim. Quick admits a possible  local failure .

Analyzes have conclusively proven the link between the food consumed in the fast food and the young man's death .  The synthesis of forensic reports to conclude that Benjamin Orset died of food poisoning linked to the absorption of a meal a few hours before his death, is the night on January 21th at Quick restaurant in Avignon Cap Sud. This analysis results primarily from the exclusion of all other assumptions considered by the judge, meals at home, livestock by the family, lunch at the school canteen , said she said. Bacteria found on employees and on the ground. Expertise highlight , according to the magistrate , the presence of Staphylococcus aureus in the gastric fluid  of the victim and  five employees of the eight employees who worked 21 January 2011 at the facility, as well as on the tiled floor of food packaging  stand. A judicial inquiry was opened for manslaughter  by a manifestly deliberate violation of a specific obligation of safety or prudence, required by law or regulation .

The restaurant chain wanted to know that the problem was local. In a video posted on Facebook and Youtube channel group page , the president of Quick Jacques-Edouard Charret group addressed the users . For him, it is not a " failure of products provided by Quick.

The group is also committed to  strengthen its controls and hygiene measures already beyond legal standards, says the officer. Details of these actions will be reported in a few days .

Quick, in conflict with the franchisee , has resumed direct management of the establishment of Avignon, after making many travaux.La prefecture of Vaucluse had closed the restaurant on January 22th after the death of the teenager. Reopening was authorized last week, but it closed its doors again , ostensibly for technical reasons.


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