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For beginning, the definition of odd couple is:

Two people who live together or are intertwined romantically those are grossly different from each other and would not normally get along under other circumstances. For instance, one person in the couple could be an introvert and the other an extrovert, although there are normally several distinct differences between the two partners to have the term "odd couple" used to describe a specific relationship.

Indeed, the phrase that a feather flocks together does not apply to odd couple.

Because usually tend become friends or involve with people you share common features of interests with.

It is usually easier to pair up with someone you can relate to or identify with.

In the history of mankind, many couples, fictional or real, are similar to this topic.

For example, Mary and Max, an animated film. Or, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

Well, we worked on lot of extract.

The first is « Timbuktu » by Paul Auster.

The second is « Of mice and men » by John Steinbeck.

The third is « Black girl, White girl » by Joyce Carol Oates.

And finally ,an relevant document, a picture, of the couple Timon and Pumba in «The king Lion », a cartoons.

After the presentation of the thematic the odd couple, we can ask as problematic « Can be birds of a different feather flock together? »

Well, i will introduce the different extract studied and a relevant document chosen by myself according to our theme « The odd couple ».


For beginning, the first extract « Timbuktu » by Paul Auster published in 1999.

The story speaks about a funny couple, a friendship between a dog and a man.

Indeed, two characters are present in this extract.

Willy G, is a failed poet, and Mr. Bones is a dog that feels like a stranger in the world of men.

Two completely different characters by their kind and yet very strong friendship develops between them.

The story enters is our topic because is a friendship between a simple dog and a man. This text so shows the relevance of our problem.


The second extract is “Of mice and men” by John Steinbeck published in 1937.

The story tells the story of two men, protagonist, George Milton and Lennie Small. They are migrant works on ranches in California. In this extract,


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